To who it may concern, 

I own a construction company and am always in need of a reliable 

sub-contractor. I was not getting the quality of workmanship from other 

contractors, so I tried out Your Ac Guy(also known as First Class AC and 

Heat). I’ve been dealing with them for eight years now. They get the job 

done right the first time, they have knowledge in their field of 

profession, and have installed AC units as small as 2 ton to as big as 20 

ton systems. They’re fast, they’re reliable, and I don’t use any other air 

conditioning contractors.” 

-Kelvin Castillo, Owner of KC Construction 

“To who it may concern, 

Hello, my name is Gissel. I purchase homes and rent them out. I’ve been 

using First Class AC and Heating for three years. I am very happy with 

their response time, and there is no run-around. I get facts and I get my 

problem solved. I recommend highly anybody who is in the market for a good 

AC Company to use First Class AC and Heating.” 

-Gissel Hernandez 

I had issues with a brand new Rheem 5 ton system that was installed by 

someone who was recommended that lived in my neighborhood. What I got was a 

lemon. After two compressors and one expansion valve, I called up First 

Class AC and Heating, also known as “Your AC Guy”, and upon several service 

calls he was able to get it running for a year and a half. We ended up 

changing the copper line set that is under the home as well. After that, I 

had mechanical issues with the Rheem system and replace the coil under 

warranty with First Class AC and Heat, even though they had not installed 

the system. At that point, we decided to just replace it with a 5 ton Payne 

system heat pump. I asked Will (First Class AC and Heating company owner 

and technician) if that system is going to give me problems like my past 

Rheem system, and he assured me that these issues will not be seen with the 

Payne product. I come to find out upon research that Payne, Bryant and 

Carrier are the same product line, as being that they are all subsidiaries 

of the Carrier brand. I have not had a problem since the install, and thank 

First Class AC and Heating for helping me with my home.” 

-Al Hodge 

“Hello my name is Jason Stanton. I am a business attorney. About six years 

ago, I had my house completely renovated. I had the roof ripped off, 

everything brought up to the second level, and quite and elaborate, custom 

home was built. Your AC Guy installed 14.5 ton of air conditioning into my 

home brand new with duct work and it’s own zone systems. I have not had an 

issue, and thank him for his time, effort and patience with my custom home.” 

-Jason Stanton 

“I own my own realty company and I found First Class AC and Heating to be 

very honest, and find my projects to be of importance. Where others would 

give a bid and walk away, Will Gonzalez would go over the job with me, 

telling me about what was needed and what was not needed for my projects. 

I’ve been using First Class AC and Heating for 5 Years now, and appreciate 

their level of honesty, commitment, and getting the job done the right way.” 

-Impact Realty 

“I’ve been using First Class AC and heating for 10 years now. I have 

faithfully been the customer and only call First Class AC and Heat when I 

have a problem with my home. Sometimes it doesn’t have anything to do with 

air conditioning but I know that I will be taken care of honestly no matter 

what the case is or what I call about. I own rental properties and every 

now and then have some issues, which are taken care of promptly, and my 

tenants express their satisfaction at a later point with me. I happily 

write this for the company and Will Gonzalez who has over the years become 

more of a friend than a company.” 

-Ann Davivo 

“I am a home owner in Deltona that got a complete new system for First 

Class AC and Heating but not only did I get a new system, I got an aquifer 

installed. This is called a heat recovery system. It takes your hot air 

from your air conditioning and heating system and makes it into hot water. 

I literally have to turn down the hot water if I’m taking a shower when the 

air conditioning turns on. I don’t know why everyone does not have one of 

these. I have saved at least 45% on my electricity bill since I have 

installed the new system and aquifer. Thank you very much Will, I 

appreciate your help.”